10 Years, 10 Songs

I picked a song a year for the last decade (skipping 2020 for obvious reasons, including that it’s not over yet). I can’t commit and say these were the best song of each year, just songs I dig. I’ll be shocked if any of these shock you. Enjoy.

Easy listening here: 10 Years, 10 Songs


Cage The Elephant – Night Running ft. Beck


Caroline Rose – More Of The Same


Electric Guest – Oh Devil


Glass Animals – Life Itself


Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better


Allah-Las – Worship The Sun


Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus


The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man


Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Ffriends


Dr. Dog – Where’d All The Time Go?

Best Tracks of the Week 11/20/19

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Lonelyspeck in Australia (probably)

This is our weekly best new tracks article. We cover mostly brand new songs but also some gems from the last few weeks. Follow our playlist if you want to follow on Spotify or if you hate my writing and just want the music:

‘My Angel Goes Before Me’ – Lonelyspeck

This song just came out on the newly released album ‘Abysmal Body’ which is fantastic, but previously released as a single in August. However I heard it and just could not be denied, its crisp production and angel vocals with whatever is going on in that chorus make this the kind of song that shows us how lucky we are to to live in a time where production this cohesive is possible. Here’s to technology:

Image result for back to the future gif hoverboard
Marty McFly enjoying fresh new technology

This track blew us away, kind of like how the Russians (?) blew Doc Brown away for stealing their plutonium… or did they?

Image result for back to the future bulletproof vest gif
Doc Brown enjoying a fresh new bulletproof vest

Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie. Lonelyspeck has a long future ahead of him and should absolutely be on your radar if he isn’t already.

‘Tokyo Drifting’ – Glass Animals, Denzel Curry

Last year Black Balloons was my #8 song of the year, with Sirens not far behind (see that list here), love some Denzel.

Image result for pakistani denzel gif

He’s in his element on this track, perfect beat for him to go HAM on from the needs-no-introduction Glass Animals. Just for old time’s sake:

‘Dual Terror’ – Dog in the Snow

The new album Vanishing Lands just released and it’s great. Helen Ganya Brown has a masterful control of her voice that allows us to hear the strength and power built up behind each word she sings, and it’s a joy to listen to. Let’s celebrate this powerhouse record with some gifs of dogs in the snow:

Image result for dog in the snow gif
Image result for dog in the snow gif

Image result for dog in the snow gif
Image result for dog in the snow gif

Image result for cat in the snow gif

^just playin’ y’all

Image result for dog in the snow gif

‘Tried & True’ – Upset

This piping hot track comes from superband Upset who is comprised of the former drummer for Vivian Girls and Best Coast, the former drummer of Hole and current drummer of Death Valley Girls, and a La Sera guitarist. You could say the team of formidable veterans is ‘tried and true’… haha right, am I right. It’s my personal belief that the world needs more music like this, brash and honest music that feels like it comes straight from the heart. Great track, can’t wait for the album.

‘Dispossessed’ – Colin Self

I am a HUGE fan of Colin Self, and was thrilled when he decided to release the B sides from his revolutionary album ‘Siblings’ that released last year and is still to this day in my permanent rotation. ‘Siblings’ actually bears some similarities to this year’s runaway album of the year (probably) Magdalene by FKA Twigs in that it’s chaos and beauty don’t compliment each other but instead almost run at each other at full speed and collide on impact to create something completely unique and unprecedented. Here are two of my favorite songs from ‘Siblings’, the first of which was my #32 song of 2018. Check out the album and this EP of B sides titled ‘Orphans’ and get yourself on board!

What about my baaaaaaabaaaaaayyyyy!

‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ – Confidence Man

This song just slaps. My roommate texted me and asked what it was when I played it for the first time. That kind of song. Confidence Man released Out The Window last year which was also a jam, reminded me of Come Together by Primal Scream for some reason which was a much welcome remembrance. It’s that interlude I guess!

Do you guys hear it too?

‘Imperfections’ – Celine Dion

Celine came in hot with a straight electro pop but still Celine album, love it. I was not expecting our weekly dose of electro girl pop to come from CELINE DION but I will take it!

The whole album was good, was impressed. Not much more to say, legends stay legends I guess.

Image result for titanic gif
Image result for titanic gif
Related image
Image result for eternal sunshine kate winslet gif
Image result for eternal sunshine kate winslet gif

Image result for eternal sunshine kate winslet ok gif
Image result for eternal sunshine jim carrey ok gif
Image result for eternal sunshine kate winslet ok gif

‘Hallelujah’ – HAIM

Oof this song is beautiful. When haim hits HAIM HITS. These harmonies are A+, instant love. What else do you guys need, some GIFs? You already know who Haim is and I’ve already given you so many gifs today. How about an acoustic performance of I Want You Back? Sound good?

‘Ghost’ – Sipper

This song has major vibes. Unlike many contemporaries, this sounds like Sipper took a familiar sound and built on it by adding such a personal shade of emotion. It’s a beautiful song, and if you’ve already watched The Color Purple enough times that it doesn’t make you cry anymore, it’s a good song to get into your feelings to.

Image result for crying teenager gif

Great track.

Thus concludes our best tracks of the week, follow our Spotify playlist for instant updates every week!