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Sunday with George: DMX- Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood

Sometimes, it’s a hard sell, talking about the fairly incredible musical achievements of DMX. For people who didn’t grow up when he was actually rapping, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear his name tends to involve… other things. His exploits outside the studio have a tendency to overshadow what he’s been

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An Ode To Anderson Paak

It was a summer’s eve in 2016 when I stumbled upon Anderson Paak, performing to a Paak-ed house at Coachella’s Mojave stage. Truth-be-told, I was chasing Kendrick Lamar. My entire weekend setlist revolved around where Kendrick might pop up, and once again, I was right. Sweat drenched and sardined between scantily clad festival goers, I

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Complicate Your Life With Violence Is A Masterpiece and Right Up There with Bandana for Hip Hop AOTY

First of all, shouts out to Bandcamp for being the best music site on the planet (besides Indie Pong of course) and constantly shining a spotlight on unique acts from all around the world. Bandcamp is my favorite website to find new music on for sure, here is the original write up they did in

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