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New Music Friday EP’s

Once again New Music Friday brings some cool EP’s worth to listen Don’t forget to visit Fresh Singles https://indiepong.com/2020/04/01/fresh-singles-april/ already updated with more than 70 tracks released only this past 3 days and growing. Also checkout the new lineup for 12 New Songs This Week https://indiepong.com/2020/03/31/1456/ now we’re ready let’s go to this new EP’s released

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12 New Songs This Week 14

March 31 2020 Remember that if you can’t catch up with the new music released daily thathonestly can be overwhelming, this Playlist might work for you just fine!!! This is a short (very short version of Playlist Fresh Singles right now after a whole month 31 days more than 450 tracks) also if possible I

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