It’s officially #WCW, when we honor some badass boss ladies in today’s music scene. Your Spotify playlist needs nurturing, and yes, I’M LOOKING AT YOU COACHELLA HEADLINERS! “No female headliners are you f*cking serious?!” *Chugs wine.* Here are the bangers you didn’t know you needed. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. Cue Olivia O’Brien:

I first discovered Olivia on a little song “i hate u, i love u.” You heard?

Her pop-funk fusion and catchy lyrics will have you converting your comb into a microphone, belting sweet nothings to your reflection. Or maybe that’s just me… Moving right along!

In just a few years, and at only twenty years old, Olivia has risen from aspiring Soundcloud cover-artist to Coachella performer. Let’s hope she snags one of those headlining slots someday soon. And speaking of powerhouse women…

Bishop Briggs alt-rock, stage-stealing vocals first caught our ears and stole our hearts on “River”.

Briggs is a powerhouse vocalist, who fearlessly experiments with genres and unabashedly expresses vulnerability in her lyrics. Her second album, Champion, is the lion’s roar we craved from this songstress.

Give us a tour soon Bishop, we need you!

Now SUE ME, Noah Cyrus doesn’t get enough credit. OKAY, I said it. And I meant it!

My appreciation for Cyrus was a journey. Admittedly, I couldn’t help but compare Noah’s label- appeasing hits to Miley’s Bangerz. *See what I did there?!* But on “Lonely,” Noah comes in swinging. There’s an authenticity, a palpable pain that makes us feel guilty for judging her in the first place. Moving forward, I’ll withhold judgment and let the sounds speak for themselves.

Happy Birthday to me, Sasha Sloan released this poppy mood-booster on, you guessed it, my birthday! *December 4th, I love cupcakes.*

Sasha is a reddit success story, who dropped her Soudcloud link onto a viral photo of herself. We stan an entrepreneurial creative! Sasha has since written for Camila Cabello, released several EPs, and is gearing up for her debut album. Her career just started, and I promise I’m not jealous that she’s had more success in the last year than I’ve had since college…

In today’s addition of “brooding badasses,” Charlotte Lawrence combines the catchiness of Robyn with the edginess of Billie Eilish for a sound that’s reminiscent of a modern Britney Spears. I knowwww, I’m all over the place here! But hear me out: She’s got the “It” factor. I mean COME ON, just look at this song title:

I love the dichotomy here between Charlotte’s angelic voice and the jarring lyrics coming out of her mouth. It takes a moment to process, but the orchestral flourishes guide you along.

Step aside Mac Demarco, we’ve got some rising Divas on our hands. Shoutout your #WCW in the comments below.

10 #TBT Hits We Can’t Forget

Anybody else feel old when you search for Jojo and this pops up:

Instead of this:

I’m scared. WE MUST NOT LET OUR ICONS DIE! What happened to our beloved Jojo? Where did she go? A battle with Jojo’s record label forced her into the abyss, and it’s our collective responsibility to bring this superstar back into the spotlight. Can I get a YAS KWEEN?!

I’m afraid we’re losing touch with the musicians who defined us and their one-off hits that got us through prom and finals. Just this week, I met up with my beloved friend and music aficionado, Brian Mates, who admitted: he’d NEVER HEARD OF MIKA:

Therefore, as a self-described wanna-be festival-going groupie, I feel a moral obligation to introduce some, or rather, reintroduce the majority of you to those throwback tunes by singers and bands that we *should* know and love. Cue some indietronica courtesy of Passion Pit:

Two Door Cinema Club shreds, and their longevity proves it. They’ve churned out hit after hit since 2010, but I hold steadfast to the belief that “I Can Talk” is their greatest… Admittedly, I might have a slight bias based on my OBSESSION with this video:

And speaking of shredding: Sleigh Bells. That’s it, that’s the post.

It would be a sin to exclude the ever-brilliant Jenny Lewis, who stole my heart as Rilo Kiley’s indie-rock frontman. Lewis was, and still remains, a force to be reckoned with.

In today’s episode of badass women, Lily Allen spits major truth on “Not Fair” and it’s all too relevant. Ladies, this one’s for you:

Phoenix makes a bad day into a great song in “If I Ever Feel Better,” and guess what?! It works! I prescribe one listen per cry session.

“Such Great Heights” brings back all the feels. I only listened to it fifteen times… per car ride to school….

Last but not least, “You Only Live Once” with 133million+ views. I’m not dancing, YOU ARE!

We stan a good throwback! Any throwback faves? Drop them in the comments below.