Memo’s Monthly Favorites: April 2021

Hello everybody! Happy May! Sorry for not posting this article a lot sooner. Not going to lie, I have been slacking lately. This past month I didn’t listen to as much music as I would like. I’ve been too busy with work, studying and of course Animal Crossing. With that said I do think I’ve got a good monthly favorites for you all today. Lets just jump into it!

Song Honorable Mentions:

Tkay Maidza – Syrup: This will be Tkay Maidza’s year! I can see it now. Assuming Last Year Was Weird, Vol 3 is as good as Kim and Syrup, I can see Tkay blowing up even more than she has been. Tkay returns to a more aggressive sound. The production is pretty simple, but it slaps. I love how heavy the bass is. Tkay kills it as always. Her pen game is on point. She drops a lot of great one liners. I’m just obsessed with this track. I can’t wait for the new EP.

Rina Sawayama – Chosen Family (with Elton John): Although I have always enjoyed the original track, I did think there was something missing. I think the addition of Elton John fulfills the missing feeling. Not only is his performance amazing and grand, but I think the addition of his piano adds a lot to the production. I also think turning a track about friendship into a duet is such a great idea. I am so happy this exists. Rina and Elton sound so good together. It’s a match made in heaven.

Freddie Gibbs – Big Boss Rabbit: At this point there is no stopping Freddie Gibbs. Every time he is on the mic he reminds everybody that he is one of the best MC’s right now. He makes rapping seem effortless. In this track he is rapping over a cool trap beat with a Nas sample tying everything together. Although the beat is cool, Freddie can rap over nails on a chalkboard and that song will still be amazing. I know Gibbs is dropping an album this year, so I hope he continues his winning streak.

EP Honorable Mentions:

Dev Lemons – Lemontopia: I have mentioned in the past that Tik Tokers and YouTubers should know their place and never drop music because most of the time the outcome is not good. Dev Lemon is an exception. The quirky personality she shows off in her Tik Toks appears in the spacious bedroom pop production that is displayed on Lemontopia. The instrumentals make me feel like I am floating on clouds. I am surprised at how good of a singer she is. For some reason she sounds like Kali Uchis to me. This EP is only 4 tracks with a run time of 8 minutes. It is definitely worth a listen.

The Alchemist – This Thing Of Ours: The Alchemist is by far one of the most consistent producers out right now. I don’t remember the last time he has missed in recent history. In this EP he brings in guests to rap over these beautiful lofi beats. He got Earl Sweatshirt and Navy Blue to start off the EP. Both Sideshow and Boldy James kill it on their verse on the very next track. Pink Stiifu and Maxo did their thing on the third track. Earl shows up again on the last track. I think the Alchemist does a great job at providing the foundation needed for his guest to thrive. Give this EP a listen. The second half of the EP is the instrumentals from the previous four tracks, so if you didn’t like any of the features at least you got the beats.

Cordae – Just Until….: I forgot how good of a rapper Cordae is. Cordae is really spitting on this EP. Something that Cordae doesn’t get enough credit for is the way he can adapt into different rap styles. On the first track, Cordae is being introspective with Q-Tip. Two tracks later, Cordae is being braggadocious with Young Thug. In this short EP, Cordae is showing off his skill set and preparing the listeners for his next album. He said his next album is coming soon, so that’s good. I’m excited!

Album Honorable Mentions:

Thom Moot – Thomfoolery: This is by far one of the most unique albums I have listened to this year. Stylistically this album is all over the place. The first track is a fiery grunge cut. He has several other rock tracks, but there are also a lot of interesting detours. For example, “Alien Invasion Rag” starts off with an old western piano playing, but then an alien invasion happens around the midpoint. The following track sounds like an intergalactic space battle to me. Thom does a great job at making a story with his music. If you are interested in a weird experience give this album a shot.

Kenny Mason – Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut: Kenny Mason is someone you want to keep an eye on. He is such a breath of fresh air in the rap landscape. The beats he raps on are so dark and heavy. His rapping is insane. Although he could be laid back and monotone at times, when he wants to rap he raps. His technical ability is mind blowing. Believe it or not this rap album isn’t just a rap album. “Play Ball” is a straight up punk song. He is rapping over metal guitars on “Pup”. Although I do prefer the traditional rap songs, I do admire this album’s creativity. I really want to know what direction Kenny’s sound goes to in the future.

Flying Lotus – Yasuke: Yasuke is a pleasant surprise. I had no idea Flying Lotus was dropping an album this year. Let alone an album for a Netflix show. As always expect a weird, hypnotic, spacy, and serene ride when diving into a Flying Lotus album. Something that makes this album different is that since the album is for an anime based on Japanese samurais, this album takes influence from Japanese music. It’s a cool change of pace for Flying Lotus. I think he did a phenomenal job. Put on some good headphones, lay on your bed, close your eyes, and give this album a listen.

Favorite Song of The Month:

Little Simz – Introvert: If you told me before this song dropped that Little Simz was dropping an album I would have been excited, but now I am counting down the days until it drops in September. I literally can’t wait! This tack is one of the best songs I heard this year. It might be my favorite Little Simz song. As always, Little Simz kills it lyrically. I love how conscious and focused she is. With that said, I think the instrumentation is what steals the show for me. I love how big and grand it is. You can tell they took the time to perfect this instrumental. If Little Simz’s next album has amazing bars and instrumentals like these throughout the entire track list then its game over. Every artist should might as well pack their bags and take a break until next year because Little Simz will take album of the year if her next album is as good as Introvert.

Favorite EP of The Month:

Kero Kero Bonito – Civilisation II: With only three tracks, Kero Kero Bonito blows my mind with their second installment of their Civilization series. The trio are back with their signature cute and colorful musical styling, but with more of an electropop sound. The trio uses this cute style to sing about what the world is going through during the pandemic. The second track of the album is basically a day of their life during the very beginning of the pandemic. The innocent observation they give in “21/04/20” is very interesting. The following track “Well Rested” gives the listener some hope. Sarah reminds the listener the human race has gone through a lot already. At this point nothing will be able to take down the human race. The production is insane on this track. In February, I named “The Princess and the Clock” as my song of the month. I love that song, but “Well Rested” is even better. This EP is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.

Favorite Album of The Month:

BROCKHAMPTON – ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE: BROCKHAMPTON seems to never disappoint. The boys are back with the first of two albums they are releasing. Even if they end up not dropping a second album this year I will be happy because ROADRUNNER is amazing. They basically took elements from their past work and put it all together. If you miss their Saturation series and you want bangers go listen to “BANKROLL” with A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg. If you want to listen to something similar to Iridescence check out “BUZZCUT” with Danny Brown. If you love the GINGER era try out “COUNT ON ME”. Do you feel like crying? Go listen to “THE LIGHT”. I can go on and on. There’s something for everybody. Even if you don’t end up enjoying the entire album like me, I guarantee you there is a song for you in this album.

These are my monthly favorites! Let me know what you have been listening to!

New Music Friday EP’s

Hi y’all another  New Music Friday with some cool EP’s worth to listen.

1 Enter Shikari THE GREAT UNKNOWN UK alternative / experimental rock well this is really their fourth single part of the upcoming album Nothing Its True and Everything is Possible for next month and I’m so hyped with all the released tracks and can’t wait for the album.

2 Do Nothing Zero Dollar Bill UK alternative/ indie rock If you listen their previous tracks released titled FITS I’m sure that was more than enough to be excited for this EP You don’t need nothing else to push play to this EP.

3 Strange Bones Blitz Pt 2 UK Punk / Alternative You need to turn up the volume to listen this three tracks the first two already gain a lot of streams and this new track Ten Guns is going to follow the same path.

4 The Kooks Unshelved: Pt I UK indie rock This song we’re not included in previous albums, Why? If you listen you’re not understand why this weren’t included, 5 really solid tracks that you’re going to enjoy.

5 Mt Joy My Vibe USA  indie folk / Alternative this is another upcoming album presented as an EP, the albums Rearange Us is dropping May 05 and is a 13 tracks work and so far we have 6 for our enjoyment.

6  Why Bonnie Voice Box USA Alternative / Dream Pop dazed and dreamy beautiful tracks in the voice of  singer Blair Howerton explains in her own words the track that gives name to this EP “The video highlights the rift between reality and what is expected of you.”

7 Rosie Carney I dream I was the night UK Folk after her successful last year album Bare (about her own battle with mental health) is back without slowing down at all with three tracks one  already released last month here the video

8 Kalbells Mothertime New York art pop / experimental pop /  Bandcamp “Cool and Bendable” was inspired by a dream in which she held her yet-unborn child, but as Kal finished writing the song in the studio with Jeremy, she realized it was actually about holding herself, a body, a life. An EP you don’t wanna mis.

9 Methyl Ethel Hurts To Laugh Australia Indie Pop / Alternative / Indie Rock great tracks that maybe didn’t make the cut in his previous album Triage from last year (not sure) but thankfully today we can listen and enjoy it.

10 Tenderlonious After The Storm UK Experimental/ Jazz / Electronic Wow what a cocktail in this work, it’s a cool blend of all this genres that surely you’re going to enjoy this instrumental tracks.

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

Contermporary Jazz Albums From March

Do you like Jazz? If you don’t give you the chance to listen some of the fantastic albums released this past March that was a great month for Jazz, let’s go an take a look to some of them

Hailu Mergia by Yene Mircha was released last Friday, a 6 tracks album that you’re going to love it, this guy is a genius of the accordonist and his music is hard to resist, this is the first track and under the whole album

An experimental album really avant garde stuff Three by The Necks, I wrote this yestarday in my thread #TrackoftheDay The Track Of The Day is for Lovelock one of three tracks part of the newest album titled precisely Three by the legendary Australian instrumental “trio” (once again three) The Necks  released last Friday, all experimental tracks over 21 minutes mark and this one is my favorite but was hard to pick.“

Irreversible Entanglements the album Who Sent You? Another excellent work only 5 tracks but 43 minutes of pleasure this is avant garde jazz and poetry and soul and they say this is the future…maybe is too much? I don’t think so but better listen youself and you will find your own anwser.

Hideto Sasaki and Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet + 1 released last Friday Stop Over (1976 reissue) an album that feels really like the old time Jazz or let’s say a style of Jazz more classic but definitely beautiful.

And IMHO one of the best (if this is possible because the previous albums are phenomenal) is Big Vicious by Avishai Cohen and Big Viscious I wrote this last month The Track of the Day is for an old and dear friend Teardrop (Massive Attack) second single part of the upcoming album by Avishai Cohen and Big Vicious out next March 27. It’s a beatiful interpretation by this avant garde trumpeter that I hope you enjoy it as much (or more) than the original.”  But the whole álbum is a truly a gem.

We can go on and on and on but if you wanna discover more great Contemporary Jazz tracks released not only as part of an album but also as singles you can always visit the Playlist and in this way you’re going to be updated about all the new releases that I can fin. Riht now over 310 gourgeus tracks

Cheers see you next time!!!

Sunday Jazz New Albums

March 01 2020

Do you like Jazz? If you don’t this three new albums released this past Friday are going to challenge you change your mind… But if you do you’re going to live it!!!

01 Ted Poor Drummer Debut Album You Already Know thus guy isn’t a newbie at all and this work is simply fantastic one track after another keeps you wishing listening more and more. The debut single Only You released January 17 was all I need to hear to be counting the days for this album.

02 Jeremy Cunningham Drummer Debut Album The Weather Up There. I was lucky enough to find the debut single Sleep the past January 14 (release day) and it was hard for me to stop listening over and over and over, I can’t explain it but that track hits me in so many ways I truly believe that is a geniality.

03 Leo Takami Felis Catus and Silence this Japanese virtuous guitar player delivers his third album maybe more classical/progressive than purely Jazz isn’t a reason to not been delighted With his beautiful music.

you can find tracks by all this albums and Another almost 300 in Playlist Contemporary Jazz

I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!!!