Me and Daw just live listened to MAGDALENE together and I think we’re soul bonded now

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Daw sent me this v nice track called Cellophane which I loved:

and admitted I loved but in my concession said that it would only ever be the second best Cellophane of all time, which led Daw and I to a discussion about 2019’s AOTY (neck and neck with The Book of Traps and Lessons IMO) and one of the best albums of the decade:

Now I won’t run on a treadmill running through the highlights of this album because we all already know this is a certified classic (highlights for me are literally all of them), this blog is more about the fact that Daw and I texted and I’m pretty sure we soul bonded.

As soon as Daw texted me “that was a good album” I reached for my phone and my hands were covered in dried French’s yellow. I looked down and realized I was now wearing a T-shirt that read “Beach Bunny #1 fan”, and I looked over at my dresser and saw a 240 page screenplay titled “Izzo & Lizzo”, which upon inspection was a buddy cop comedy starring international superstar Lizzo and specifically East Lansing superstar Tom Izzo, and it wasn’t bad?

Anyways, we’re soul bonded now I guess.

FKA Twigs Album… So good she might literally be an alien

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I’ve been through several drafts of this and just can’t find a take, because at the end of the day this is just a perfect album. You get about one or two of these a year, and this is the best the year has to offer. What really amazes me about this album is how it dichotomizes harsh beats with such unbelievably raw vocals. I’ve really never heard anything like it. You’ll be hearing about this one for years, it’s truly special.

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Favorite songs: literally all of them. This is not a normal album. But I will say Cellophane is one of the best songs of the decade and also one of the best songs I’ve ever heard period.

Sorry there weren’t more hot takes in this blog, but damn, this album really is something special.

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