Rate this meme that Daw made last year

Daw sent this to one of our group texts last year in the Group Me app and it was met with zero likes. Is that deserved, or do you think this deserves a single like? Memes are usually supposed to be either funny or true and this is neither, so I rate it a zero.

Although I personally disagree, although I don’t think it’s a blasphemous take. Kanye’s verse at the end of Gone might be his best besides from New Slaves, so it’s not a crazy call.

I’d go Family Business or All of the Lights here I think personally. I actually filled out a Kanye bracket a few years ago so you can peep my picks below.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Or if that widget doesn’t work just rate it in the comments idk

PS please don’t vote for Kanye, save it for your blog.