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Fresh Earworms – Thomas Giles “Feel Better” EP Review

Just a quick introduction as I’m new to Indie Pong.  I’m your resident metalhead but I do dabble in the genres & sub-genres in and slightly out of metal including rock, prog, and even synthwave (the darker the better).  I’m the guy who wears a Ghost shirt one day and Dream Theater the next, with probably a Nile hat for good measure.  Anyhow, whether

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Hot Stuff 2020 (Metal)

Week in and wee out I’m searching for the hottest of the new music…yes also in this metal world… Metal, Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Death Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal, Progressive Rock, Avant Garde Metal, Noise Rock, Alernative, Experimental… you name it. This is Week 10 of this 2020 and right now 90 tracks in

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