UndercoverSadGirl’s Top 50 Albums of 2020

There was a huge pile of gold to listen to this past year. It seems that these trying times have motivated musical artists to unearth substance and soar into our desperate ears. There were already a plethora of good albums that came out in March, so you could only imagine how many more sad girl epiphany sounds have revealed themselves since.

Fiona Apple obviously stole the cake, releasing Fetch the Bolt Cutters, her first album in eight years after the groundbreaking album, The Idler Wheel… Somewhere in the stars, the Cosmonauts and Heavy Balloons are therapeutically screaming, unspooling the catharsis and Fetching the Bolt Cutters for themselves. Having started composing music when she was eight-years-old, Fiona Apple is an expert at staying true to herself. She has mastered communicating anger in a vulnerable way through her voice, letting herself free of musical constraints. The background vocals in Relay whale and echo after the line, “Evil is a relay race when the one who’s burned turns to pass the torch/ I don’t want to hurt myself even more.” The effects within this song are so magnificent, it sounds like someone who is caged in a far away nightmare. She has created a theatrical experience for us listeners, with splashes of dog barks and empty oil cans filled with dirt (Rolling Stone). Also, let’s not forget about the banging on the walls, we didn’t know we needed. There is a sense of pure lava and liberation at every turn. In an Elle interview, Fiona Apple reflects on people contributing to music as audience members, “I feel like the listener is part of the band or part of the music in some way. I feel like it’s a really beautiful part of being alive.” You matter too, listener! All you have to do is let sounds wow you. So let us dig in!

These are the best albums of 2020.

50. Swimmer- Tennis

49. Chaotic Good- Johanna Warren

48. Manger on McNichols- Boldy James

47. Silver Tongue- TORRES

46. Apparition- serpentwithfeet

45. SOURCE- Nubya Garcia

44. Someone New- Helena Deland

43. Gold Record- Bill Callahan

42. The Caretaker- Half Waif

41. Which Way is Forward?- Obongjayar

40. A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling- Magdalena Bay

39. Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2- Tkay Maidza

38. A Hero’s Death- Fontaines D.C.

37. Folklore- Taylor Swift

36. Mama, You Can Bet!- Jyoti, Georgia Ann Muldrow

35. Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs- Klô Pelgag

34. Ungodly Hour- Chloe x Halle

33. Have We Met- Destroyer

32. Mutable Set- Blake Mills

31. songs- Adrianne Lenker

30. Live Forever- Bartees Strange

29. Muthaland- BbyMutha

28. The Neon Skyline- Andy Shauf

27. Sundry Rock Song Stock- Yves Jarvis

26. As God Intended- Apollo Brown, Che Noir

25. Likewise- Frances Quinlan

24. Untitled (Rise)- SAULT

23. Heavy Light- U.S. Girls

22. I THINK I’M GOOD- Kassa Overall

21. Rough and Rowdy Ways- Bob Dylan

20. Ajai- Kenny Segal, Serengeti

19. Every Bad- Porridge Radio

18. The Slow Rush- Tame Impala

17. RTJ4- Run The Jewels

16. Mydata- Katie Dey

15. Man Alive!- King Krule

14. Punisher- Phoebe Bridgers

13. Anime, Trauma and Divorce- Open Mike Eagle

12. The Ascension- Sufjan Stevens

11. Saint Cloud- Waxahatchee

10. 925- Sorry

9. A Written Testimony- Jay Electronica

8. Kitchen Sink- Nadine Shah

7. Purple Moonlight Pages- R.A.P. Ferreira

6. Untitled (Black Is)- SAULT

5. Song for Our Daughter- Laura Marling

4. græ- Moses Sumney

3. Heaven to a Tortured Mind- Yves Tumor

2. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately- Perfume Genius

1. Fetch the Bolt Cutters- Fiona Apple

There were many other breathtaking albums from this year that weren’t able to fit on this list. These sounds came from Hachiku, Katie Von Schleicher, Lianne La Havas, Duckwrth, Tricot, Tricky, Quelle Chris, Soccer Mommy, Baxter Dury, The Flaming Lips, Sylvan Esso, Ohmme, Nappy Nina, BC Camplight, Fiver, Shabazz Palaces, Sam Gendel, Caribou, Tenci, Princess Nokia, The Avalanches, and Fleet Foxes. What a slam dunk year for new music!

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UncerCoverSadGirl’s Best Albums of 2020 So Far

Now that the majority of the U.S. population is taking steps toward social distancing, it’s peaceful to know that we can still count on good new music coming in. Although we can’t see the artist’s live, jumping up and down, sticking out their tongues, and riffing on their guitars, we are still thirsty for quality sounds. Music will ease us through the next few months of staring out our windows and I am standing at your door, with virtual arms wide!

If you like listening to any of these artists, I suggest purchasing their CDs or merchandise from their websites because they are suffering financially. Caroline Rose is accepting donations to her Venmo account (@caroline-rose-4) and a lot of them have online tip jars. These artists depend on the money from their tours and being nice will make you smile! Happy people don’t shoot their husbands!

Heavy Light – U.S. Girls

This album is exquisitely lost in an existential moment and I’m loving how emotive Meghan Remy is. Now is the perfect time to linger in some tunes that reflect on grief. In all seriousness, I’m looking for someone to gush over this new album with. The songs that I could get lost in forever are IOU, Denise, Don’t Wait, and Born to Lose. The song that grabbed me initially is And Yet It Moves / Y Se Mueve.

græ: Part 1 – Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney’s album is off to a good start, if this is part 1! It sounds familiar, like a museum you went to when you were younger, but it’s now more lavish and hip. The range of his voice is incredible and it feels like a fusion that’s hard to simplify into one genre. His music is similar to Solange’s in that it will grow on you, the more you dig in. My favorite songs from it are Cut Me, Virile and In Bloom.

Man Alive! – King Krule

This hits the spot on a rainy day or a day when you feel like no one gets you. Or when you want to scream, but in a goth way and you aren’t allowed out of your house. I was pulled in by Alone, Omen 3 at first, but Stoned Again and Underclass got me thinking deeper upon further listens. He’s angry and gutting through life with honest might and it sounds good.

The Slow Rush – Tame Impala

Tame Impala, everyone’s favorite psychedelic rock-star has given us another fleshy record. Each song has so many layers on top of each other, there is breathing room to live inside. It’s a compelling and mature album to say the least. My favorite songs are Posthumous Forgiveness, Borderline, and One More Year.

The Price of Tea in China – Boldy James and The Alchemist

The Price of Tea in China hits the spot when you are driving in your car at night. It isn’t trying too hard. It’s sounds manage to be both calm and suspenseful at the same time. My favorite songs? Surf & Turf, Pinto and S.N.O.R.T.

Swimmer – Tennis

Tennis took this album to a new level, as Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley reflect on the difficulties of pushing through tumultuous times with a soft pop sound. This album is self-produced by Patrick and Alaina and it feels like I’m on an Island, learning how to swim again. The demos were recorded in their sailboat (dream couple) with an acoustic guitar and drum sequencer. My favorite songs are Runner, How to Forgive, and Need Your Love.

color theory – Soccer Mommy

This album takes more stylistic edges than Sophie Allison’s prior work. It’s tangible and funky (in a good way). The standouts are crawling in my skin, circle the drain, and yellow is the color of her eyes.

Which Way is Forward? – Obongjayar

Obongjayar’s voice is so beautiful and husky on this EP (basically an album). The architecture of the songs is wondrous and catchy. I accidentally stumbled into him after seeing that he collaborated on two of the songs in Danny Brown’s last album (uknowhatimsayin¿ and Belly of The Beast). My favorite songs from this EP are God’s Own Children, 10K, and Soldier Ant.

Silver Tongues – TORRES

The new TORRES album seems like an intimate conversation about love- she has admitted that she uses her girlfriend, Jenna Gribbon as a subject for her art. Jenna Gribbon painted the cover of this album, so it seems like both of them are each other’s muses. The album’s writing is refreshing and demands ears. My favorite songs are Dressing American, Good Grief, and A Few Blue Flowers.

Suite for Max Brown – Jeff Parker

This jazz album, Suite for Max Brown is comprised of people I wish I were cool enough to be best friend’s with. It has experimental sounds that are both enchanting and groovy. The cover of the album is a photo of Jeff Parker’s mother- so sweet! My favorite songs from this album are After the Rain, Gnarciss, and Del Rio.

Likewise – Frances Quinlan

Her indie-rock album follows a voice which takes frantic and soothing turns at the times you would least expect. She has a great sense of humor and a unique way of twisting soft and large sounds. My favorite songs are Rare Thing, Your Reply, and Detroit Lake.

The Neon Skyline – Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf’s self-produced album has a nice cadence and his descriptions really set the scene. It feels like I’m at a bar with Andy, clinking a drink and feeling uncomfortable about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. My favorite songs are Fire Truck, Where Are You Judy, and Living Room.

Purple Moonlight Pages – R.A.P. Ferreira

Rory Allen Philip Ferreira’s rap album is all-encompassing freedom. These are some poetry beats I want to dance to and reflect on. My favorite songs are Laundry, Greens, and Mythical.

Every Bad – Porridge Radio

Every Bad is a conversational rock album, where she suddenly yells and aches in a beautiful way. Listen to it and you will feel understood. My favorite songs are Sweet, Don’t Ask Me Twice, and Give/Take.

Desire – Desire Marea

Desire Marea’s experimental album sounds holy and spine-chilling. It’s full of South African sounds that come across as sacred. The most memorable songs are Tavern Kween, You Think I’m Horny, and Self Center.

Superstar – Caroline Rose

Superstar is brimming with character and is genuinely fun to listen to. It’s about fame and how much it’s really worth. I’m most pulled in by the songs, Freak Like Me, Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?, and Command Z.

Please Daddy – Sarah Mary Chadwick

Sarah Mary Chadwick’s album is heavy and organic sounding. It’s the kind of morose music that swings in a cathartic way. My favorite songs are When Will Death Come, Let’s Fight, and If I Squint.