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New Music Flavor – Just To Recap

As much as I love a good full length album, let’s recap on some dope tracks from recent days. Check your sanity at the door, make way for some grooves. OBVIOUSLY we are going to start with blink-182’s “Quarantine”. Classic. Fuck quarantine. (But also, please keep quarantining and wearing masks). I’m late to the game,

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Less Than 1,000 Followers Week 16

This are my TOP10 tracks added yesterday and today from bands #LessThan1000Followers but take a step back first to my Playlist 100 Underground Tracks 2019 please. Last year I work out a Playlist called 100 Underground Tracks 2019 and at the TOP 10 was from 1 to 10 Cagework  (just released two new songs at

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