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Breaking Down the Best New Songs of the Week 8/4/20

Every week (ish) I update the Indie Pong playlist with the best tracks in the WORLD. I used to break it down every week but have been a bit lazy, and the requests and cyberbullying are getting to be too much for me, so here is your breakdown. You can follow along and get new

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New Music Flavor – Tom Rosenthal “Jim and Dwight”

What better time to binge watch The Office than during a world wide pandemic months before it’s being removed from Netflix? Luckily, Tom Rosenthal agrees with me and wrote this floaty lil’ tune after watching the entire series at the start of the pandemic. Starting off in a political fashion, the song soon tackles the

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New Music Flavor – Iration “Coastin'”

Ahhh, hear that noise? Is it the beach? The ocean? Nah, it’s Iration’s new album Coastin’ here to chill you out since beaches are currently off limits. Depicting the classic chill, alt reggae vibes you expect from Iration, the album features friends Stick Figure, Common Kings, and Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany. Grab an iced beverage, throw

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New Music Flavor – Uruguay “Whisper”

This last week has been a difficult one – filled with outrage, uprisings, and injustice. Coming in like a slice of relief at the end of this whirlwind week, Uruguay releases “Whisper”. While many artists are pushing their releases back a few weeks, Uruguay stood by their release date knowing that its impact is greater

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New Music Flavor – Kyle Nicolaides “Sedona”

Today, Kyle Nicolaides graced us with his first independent track in years, “Sedona”, shedding a ray of light in this currently dark and strange wash of days we’ve all been lost in. Serving as aloe for the soul, this track is as self-aware and honest as it is beautiful. Of the song, Kyle says “I

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9 New Music EP’s For You

Honestly last Friday I couldn’t find at least 9 EP’s but during this week were released some others, there for we now have 9 EP’s to present Don’t forget to visit   https://indiepong.com/2020/04/14/12-new-songs-this-week-16/  already updated with more than 370 tracks released only this month days and growing. Also checkout the new lineup for https://indiepong.com/2020/04/14/12-new-songs-this-week-16/ also I

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