UndercoverSadGirl Best Songs of 2019

2019 was a year brimming with new lyrical marvels each week, just waiting to splatter us with sound waves. Here are my top 35 songs of the year, bundled into a home. I put them in an order that could do their rhythm’s justice. This is a playlist of songs I love, in non-sequential order. Have fun dancing in the street! Just don’t tell anyone that UndercoverSadGirl is a Pseudonym.

…The below songs come from the most beautiful albums…

15. ‘Stay Flo’

14. ‘Watching Telly’

13. ‘Movies’

12. ‘Aaliyah’

11. ‘New Magic Wand’

10. ‘Spring’

9. ‘U.F.O.F.’

8. ‘The Ballad of the Hulk’

7. ‘Paralysed’

6. ‘Venom’

5. ‘Pressure to Party’

4. ‘Not’

3. ‘Short and Sweet’

2. ‘Fallen Alien’

1. ‘Giovanni’