Stadium Arcadium Blog that literally no one asked for

In the midst of the holidays and end of the year list season I have decided to go in a different direction, and blog about not overrated masterpiece that is Stadium Arcadium.

The Chili Peppers’ last four albums before this were 4 classics: Blood Sugar Sex Magik, One Hot Minute, Californiacation, and By The Way (my favorite), so needless to say they were RED HOT at the moment… and their next album did not disappoint.

So I don’t want to brag but I went to the 2006 Stadium Arcadium Lollapalooza show so I’m basically an expert on all music ever.

These are my top 5 songs from Stadium Arcadium:

5. Storm In A Teacup

4. Slow Cheetah

Everyone loves some Slow Cheetah, except Baby Jack (Sunday Tuesday George’s little brother). He borrowed his mom’s phone to text me that this record has some of the ‘most annoying songs ever recorded’. I’m not making this shit up, he literally texted me that. Crazy but yeah this song is a banger.

3. Turn It Again

This verse into chorus transition is wild, gets me every time.

2. Tell Me Baby

I will never forget the trainride home after the 2006 show, when the entire L started singing Tell Me Baby in unison. I was 14 and it was the highlight of my life at the time. Big fan.

1. She’s Only 18

This chorus is nuts.