Early Odds for Indie Pong SOTY

This is a procrastination blog, because I’m supposed to be working on the playlist update right now but this sounds like more fun (update, I procrastinated the procrastination blog and finished the update so it’s up now).

Welcome gamblers, here are your odds for Indie Pong’s coveted best song of the year award. Before we dive in, here are the past winners from the past decade:

2019: ‘People’s Faces’ – Kae Tempest
2018: ‘Ballroom’ – Jack River
2017: ‘Chanel’ – Frank Ocean
2016: ‘Same Drugs’ – Chance The Rapper
2015: ‘Loud Places’ – Jamie XX, Romy
2014, 2013, 2012: I didn’t make official lists for these but they would be idk ‘Can’t Do Without You’, ‘Where The Kids Are’, and ‘Sol.’, probably?
2011: ‘Lofticries’ – Purity Ring
2010: Also don’t have a list for this one but ‘Sprawl II’ or ‘Runaway’ probably?

Doing these links honestly took so long, I regret doing this completely. Anyways, we all know there is an easy guide to the first half of the year in our Top 50 Songs of 2020 (So Far) post so you probably could have assumed a few of these. Without further ado, here are your odds for Indie Pong Best Song of the Year 2020:

Also I AM NOT linking these for y’all but you can find all of these songs and more contenders on the following 3 Spotify playlists:
Indie Pong Weekly
Indie Pong 2020 Archive
Indie Pong Top 50 Best Tracks of the Year (So Far)

Flight319 – 070 Shake 4/1
Commes Des Garcons (Like The Boys) – Rina Sawayama 4/1
Bad Friend – Rina Sawayama 4/1
Gaudi – Capicua 20/1
No Interruptions – Betty Mae 18/1
After Hours – The Weeknd 4/1
Someone New – Caroline Rose 10/1
People, I’ve been sad – Christine and the Queens 2/1
Easy Like Before – Crystal Murray 40/1
AS Tearless – Amnesia Scanner 8/1
Shook – Tkay Maidza 12/1
Disco Daydream – Polartropica 25/1
Black Privilege – Miiesha 35/1
Something To Rap About – Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist, and Tyler, The Creator 20/1
Everyone I Loved – NNAMDI 35/1
Whisper – Uruguay 25/1
Hand To Hand – Starchild and the New Romantic 30/1
Simulation – Naeem, Swamp Dogg, Justin Vernon 25/1
Umami – Klo Pelgag 30/1
Machote – Arca 3/1
Air It Out – Josh Dominguez 25/1
Tangerine – Emelsef 20/1
You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost – Sophia Bel 30/1
Save The Day – Mariah Carey, Ms. Lauryn Hill 28/1
Renegade Breakdown – Marie Davidson, L’oeil Nu 10/1
Grasshopper – Tkay Maidza 10/1
Escape The Night – Jun Kamoda 20/1
New Truth – Jessica Mar 25/1
Who’s Gonna Save You Now – Rina Sawayama 42/1
Live 4ever – Magdalena Bay 50/1
Sp@CeGirl * (人気がある) 25/1
Fuck Dallas BBQ – The New Restaurants 45/1
Modern Hart – Billy Nomates 45/1
In My Mind – Alice Ivy, Ecca Vandal 8/1
I Feel Like I Am Changin’ – Cub Sport 25/1
Dizzy – Phil Higgins 20/1
XS – Rina Sawayama 30/1
The Box 0/0 because it’s not from this year but if it was then 1/1

I would HAMMER Umami. 30/1 is outrageous. I might also buy some shares of Marie Davidson to at 10/1, not bad. Also I would watch out for anything Tkay Maidza, serious late year explosive potential. Escape The Night has been getting a lot of play lately, so I wouldn’t sleep on that at 20/1 either.

NOTE: These numbers are completely made up and are based on absolutely nothing. This blog was basically nonsense.

Also all of my gambling degenerate friends are going to make fun of me because this is like not how gambling odds work but whatever eat your hearts out you bullies.