New Music Flavor – Songs To Dance Naked To On Your Roof

Upbeat, groovy, stoner chill songs to get down to your skivvies to and shake it loose. I present you with A Very Classy 420: Songs To Dance Naked To On Your Roof – because it’s quarantine, and anything goes right?

To be honest, this hobby is something I do must sunny days out of the year, but if you’re someone more reserved and looking for an excuse to get out of your shell a bit, hopefully this playlist will help!

I tried compiling a list of 420 songs, but after 3 hours of OCD segueing only 190 songs….I decided to give you 42 songs to help keep it loose and free this weekend.

Some oldies but goodies from Allah-Lahs, Electric Guest, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Sure Sure tied in with some newer tracks from The Strokes, Caroline Rose and plenty more mixed in between. Drop trow and give this playlist a groove.

Hot Stuff 2020 (Metal)

Week in and wee out I’m searching for the hottest of the new music…yes also in this metal world… Metal, Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic Rock, Death Metal, Black Metal, Sludge Metal, Progressive Rock, Avant Garde Metal, Noise Rock, Alernative, Experimental… you name it.

This is Week 10 of this 2020 and right now 90 tracks in this Playlsit full of riffs4u. This week 10 new additions


Here we can fin some really known bands such as Trivium (close to 2 M followers at Spotify) with their new single Catastrophist released last week or some very unknow but really powerfull including Basalt from Sao Paulo Brazil (Doom Black Metal just over 200 followers) so the name of the game is the same as always is… #SUPPORT !!!

Also you can find Intronaut and their new album Fluid Existential Inversions 9 tracks and 53 minutos of great progressive metal the best you can find this year so far. And the new album by Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale from Lighning Bolt) Noise rock a thing to be heard no doubt (IMHO mandatory).

Novena from the UK and their three singles released so far of their debut album Eleventh Hour out March 06 (also progressive metal)

Havok (trash) just 6 days afeter they release their single Phantom Force is already over the 60 K streams (Spotify) part of the new album “V” out May 01.

Hyborian (desert rock / stoner) and ther Volum II out March 20 and 8 track work already out three and here the oppening track Driven By Hunger.

Etherius is a band that I’m really excited for, an instrumental progressive metal band that I really enjoy and I’ve following for a while since their begining and seams this is only a single, let’s wait and see if there is more coming.

And finaly but not least Demise of the Crown from Canada and their second single Fixated part of their upcoming album Life in the City no exactly date yet but at some point next summer.

Never enough riffs but it’s all for this week, see you next!!!