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Sunday With George: Coheed and Cambria- The Afterman: Descension

I had two introductions to Coheed and Cambria’s music— 3 years apart from each other. My first introduction was in 2009. Partly by chance, “The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth,” made its presence known to me. I was pretty much head over heels, though I didn’t do anything about it. There have

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Sunday with George: Stevie Wonder- Fulfillingness’ First Finale

“Fulfilliness’ First Finale”, is a piece of art. Featuring only 10 songs, with six of them ranking amongst Stevie Wonder’s absolute best, it’s my favorite album from what people call his, “genius,” period, and it features perhaps the first song to move me to tears in my adult life. The album came into my life

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Sunday with George: Moses Sumney- græ

Objectively, I’m not sure if you could describe this as a, “happy”, album. That said, Mr. Sumney doesn’t necessarily traffic in that— his last album was called, “aromanticism”, after all. Though these song may not be happy, I expect listeners would be hard pressed to describe them as anything but beautiful. Though sad, they also

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