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Finally my immense knowledge of antipiracy is useful for the blog: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard shares torrents to their masters

I was reading the antipiracy trades for my other job which has literally never yielded any useful music-related information, until NOW. That’s called SYNERGY. https://torrentfreak.com/band-shares-torrents-of-master-recordings-and-invites-fans-to-create-bootlegs-210111/ Much like how in professional sports athletes are taking the power back by demanding trades, holding out, etc.- it seems like artists are starting to take the power back from

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Recap of the Taylor Swift/Zola Jesus Twitter debate

If you’ve been living under a total ROCK and haven’t heard this is happening yet (just kidding probably literally no one has heard about this), Zola Jesus recently threw some major shade at Swifty via Twitter. This is a piping hot take. Twitter is exploding. Some great points. I started out clearly agreeing with Zola

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