Recap of the Taylor Swift/Zola Jesus Twitter debate

If you’ve been living under a total ROCK and haven’t heard this is happening yet (just kidding probably literally no one has heard about this), Zola Jesus recently threw some major shade at Swifty via Twitter.

This is a piping hot take. Twitter is exploding.

Some great points. I started out clearly agreeing with Zola Jesus’ point that Taylor is appropriating the indie DIY asthetic for her expensively produced studio album, but it’s also true that she wrote the songs and it’s her passion project and she has the right to make it look however she wants so, like the Folkore cover, there is a lot of gray area. Also Taylor really has done a lot for the music community in general, namely her short-lived yet noteworthy boycott of Spotify that personally was the single thing that called my attention to artists not being paid fairly from streaming, and most recently her re-recording of her masters. Really rooting for her on the latter.

BTW there are some GREAT beef threads on Twitter, the T-Swift Mafia AKA the Swifties are hard at work:

We will keep you posted as the situation develops. In the meantime here’s some T-Swift for the Swifties and some indie music for the Zola Jesi*:

Haters gonna hate, Indie Pong gonna pong

If you haven’t been on the internet recently my short deryk review is getting absolutely panned by the critics. Some people don’t like my (kind of) reviews but if you ask us they’re the perfect length.

Put plain and simply:

Haters Gonna Hate Pokemon Music Gif
Haters Gonna Hate Pokemon Music Gif

And that’s okay. As you’ll see below haters were showing no remorse in the Twitter comments.

Which I honestly do get, because it’s more about spreading love for the music more than it is an editorial masterpiece. Some people work their asses off on full length album reviews which I respect the hell out of but also, some people like to digest information in a short and condensed way like this with the option to dig deeper if they want- myself included. There was a reason US AP History was my only C- in high school, reading is hella hard (and sucks).

But then some fans (fan) came to our defense, much love.

And then they became friends and shared blogs. This is what it’s all about!

So in conclusion, Petal Motel for life!