Indie Pong Video Podcast/Quarantine Drinking Game Episode 2: Attack of the Pitcher of Gin

Check out our new video podcast! We recorded it like a month ago so expect another soon.

No big description this time, I fractured my wrist and am typing this with one hand out of extreme dedication to the Indie Pong fanbase. Watch for some new tunes and don’t forget to subscribe to our playlist for weekly updates:

Breaking News: First Official Indie Pong Video Podcast/Quarantine Drinking Game

That’s right! Jenhearts247, Classy Cassie, and I have recorded our first episode of our new video podcast series, which also doubles as a quarantine drinking game. Here are a broad list of topics covered in an unedited block:

Drinking game rules, Filmocracy, how indie music is similar to indie film, powering through the hard times, our favorite venues, The future of music Josh Dominguez, why I missed the Edward Sharpe concert, why I punched my brother in the face, my bold guess for Josh’s future (place your bets), Classy Cassie gushes about Caroline Rose, Why Jen hates Chvrches and Mac DeMarco, my first concert ever (Usher, Kanye college dropout tour, Jay Z, John Legend), what artist would Jenhearts247 be, watch me try to make fun of jack but it backfires, our Mac DeMarco live stories.

P.S. we shot this right before the quarantine, and had some technical difficulties with the file which is why it’s just being uploaded now. Our next one will be remote to practice #socialdistancing 😉

Without further ado, here it is:

And here’s the track list as well:

Chordettes – Mr. Sandman
Kat Edmonson – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Cranberries – Linger
Kirk Franklin – Strong God
Rapsody – Ibtihaj
mmmonika – see me on the outside!
Josh Dominguez – Air It Out
Jess Weimer – Telltale Signs
Anderson Paak – Jet Black
Anderson Paak – Off The Ground
Caroline Rose – Someone Like You
Renforshort – I Drive Me Mad
The Secret Sisters – Late Bloomer (33:00)
Renforshort – Museum
BLACKSTARKIDS – Jasmine From Venus
Chiiild – Sunday Morning
Chiiild – Count Me Out
Betty Mae – No Interruptions
Dan Luke and the Raid – Fool
Charlotte Lawrence – God Must Be Doing Cocaine
Leila Sunier – A Little Longer
Lavender Diamond – I Don’t Recall
Termination Dust – Fog
Mad Gatsby – Devil in Her Eye
070 Shake – Flight319

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