NEW ARTIST: 16-Year-Old Producer Zuloh

I am a recent frequenter of Clubhouse, the social media app taking the internet by storm right now. Think of Clubhouse like a platform for live podcasting: users make rooms, centered around a professional or social topic, and anyone who comes across the room can drop-in and listen.

On Monday night, I was a moderator on a room talking pop music, hosted by entertainment business collective FutureParty. There were plenty of really cool people in that conversations, with people spanning areas of the broader music industry: producers, songwriters, managers, A&Rs and bloggers (like moi).

On this call, one of the audience members who came up to the “stage” to contribute to the chat introduced himself as Zuloh, a 16-year-old producer. I’m always blown away by young talents, just by the sheer self-confidence and drive you need to have to pursue creative work before adulthood, so I immediately went to go check out his stuff.

Zuloh, who told the room on Clubhouse that he started producing at just 11 years old, has two tracks out on streaming. One is called ‘Mirror’ and the other ‘ILY,’ the latter being released on Valentine’s Day. The growth from ‘Mirror,’ released in July 2020, to ‘ILY’ is instantly noticeable; ‘ILY’ is polished, sharp and balanced (but for the record, I like both tracks).

The first artist that comes to mind when listening to Zuloh was Cashmere Cat, one of my favorite producers ever. ‘Mirror’ definitely has more of a Cashmere Cat feel, but both tracks take me back to when I was on SoundCloud all the time, listening to producers and DJs like Flume, Whethan, Louis the Child, Jai Wolf and Vanic.

Check out Zuloh on Spotify, SoundCloud and Instagram.