Top 5 Fictional Movie Bands of the 2010s

Let’s address the burning question on everyone’s mind as the new decade begins, already teeming with the possibility and uncertainty of war. What were the best movie bands of the past decade? If you read my Best Tracks of 2019 post you’d know that I have a soft spot for movies (film business veteran and college Screenwriting major hey-o!) and listed one of the below tracks as my #8 track of 2019. So I’m not messing around. If you thought this blog was going to be a fun walk down memory lane then you can see yourself out, this is a cutthroat battle to the death of bands that were so good they transcended into the modern day music zeitgeist and there can only be one number one. So buckle up.

5. Sing Street – Sing Street

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Here at Indie Pong we have an affinity for international bands, so this 80s teen Irish glam rock band was basically in from their first awkwardly formed band practice. Look, I didn’t start this blog so I could gush about a teenage Glam Rock band called “Sing Street” who attended a school called “Synge Street” (kill me) but I did start this blog to promote amazing young bands with the world in front of them who just need a little much deserved but likely unaccessible recognition. So when Sing Street started releasing bangers:

I slowly but confidently nodded my head in approval.

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But then they sold out:

But that’s okay, it’s a good song, but like, do you just hate your brother? Do you think he’s gonna rip up his Sex Pistols T-shirt and put on his Sing Street shirt when you put out this marshmallow of a single? Whatever, either way this band’s got something special, even if I only like their EARLY stuff.

4. Jesus and the Brides of Dracula – Under the Silver Lake

Just so happens that this was our #8 SONG OF 2019.

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Jesus has a serious swag about him that doesn’t exist today, but did exist five years ago when this movie was written. But it almost makes him cooler, dripping with a swagger that doesn’t even exist anymore but set in modern times.

They’re not perfect though unfortunately. I hope you’re sitting down. *SPOILER ALERT*………. Jesus didn’t write this song.

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This song was outsourced to an evil songwriter with abrasive facial features who literally goes by ‘the songwriter’…

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So dude is actually a thief, and although he made the objective #8 song of 2019 he must be held out of the top 3 bands, for being a…

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3. Something She – Her Smell

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I don’t know if any clips from this movie are going to do justice to how absolutely rock and roll Something She is. Remember when I said we weren’t messing around here and we were here to recognize some real (fake) rock stars? Well Something She is a real rock band (no) who lives the true rock and roll lifestyle. Her Smell follows a beloved rockstar ala Karen O, already past the point of the insanity that rockstar life can yield, descending further into madness as the people around her continue to feed off of her ability to suppress her serious problems and perform despite her obvious need for but resistance to being anywhere but here.

Becky Something is as rock and roll as it gets:

If you haven’t seen this one don’t hold back. It’s not a smooth ride by any means, but easily one of the best films of 2019. Also, shout out to my friends over at Cinemacy who did an awesome interview with the director Alex Ross Perry about the songs that inspired him to make this movie. Cool stuff.

2. Ally Maine – A Star Is Born

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This next star needs no introduction, she had the number one song in REAL LIFE from her fictional appearance in the movie. And what an absolutely stunning song it is:

Bradley Cooper sounds like your drunk uncle at karaoke but damn, this is a special song. But just like in real life Gaga’s Ally Maine is no one hit wonder:

Literally every song from this movie is great. As well as the movie, which is fantastic. It’s just a shame Bradley Cooper had to stifle Gaga’s Hair Body Face energy because Hair Body Face would be a lock for the Indie Pong weekly playlist so…

1. Sex Bob-Omb – Scott Pilgrim

Here’s a look at the illustrious rise of Sex Bob-Omb in the underground music/manga fight club scene of Toronto. First of all, please allow the band to introduce themselves:

They then, during Scott’s faux Mrs. Doubtfire potential mishap, dropped Garbage Truck onto the world which is an absolute banger.

HOLD UP. We wouldn’t be doing a true INDIE PONG blog here if we didn’t address the Indie Pong honored (and also she won an Oscar or whatever) Brie Larson for her epic song debut as Envy Adams of The Clash at Demonhead, right?

We would probably have to give band of the decade to Clash at Demonhead, but this song is actually by Metric (not to mention one of my favorite songs).

Anyways, let’s continue onto the iconic journey of Sex Bob-Omb. They rose up as the under-synthed underdogs in the battle against the Katayanagi Twins, who in all honestly were way doper than Sex Bob-Omb… until Sex Bob-Omb absolutely shredded them in an Amp vs. Amp, which was impossible. Also, what even is the second song they play here? It’s an absolute heater. EDIT: Threshold.

I mean in my movie the Japanese-American Katayanagi Twins who broke through the race barrier of their industry and made it all the way against all odds to the final round of battle of the bands would have won and set an example for younger generations of Asian-Americans but hey, it was 2010, ok?

And then finally, Sex-Bob-Omb, without their star bassist, performed a killer instrumental track that transitioned from typical Sex Bob-Omb to an evolved, next level synth-laden symphony of kick ass fight music that drove us through the end of the movie.

Sex Bob-Omb might literally be the best band of all time, fictional or not.

In conclusion, all of these fictional bands rock and this decade rocked and this next decade is going to rock even harder.

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