New Music Flavor – Juno Francis “Oyster Love”

Today, the world welcomes Oyster Love with open arms – the new EP baby from retro-esque duo Juno Francis (Angelica RanÃ¥sen and Jacob FagerstÃ¥). Self described as “the lovechild of a 60s gentleman and an 80s lady”, this Berlin based duo first caught my ears on Instagram with their track “Queen’s Anthem”, which yes, I do believe was written for me personally and remains one of my go-to songs.

The sonic journey of Oyster Love begins with “Follow the Stars”, a dreamy lil tune that makes me feel like I’m in a peaceful forest feeding deer and singing to squirrels. How delightful is that?

Next up is the title track, which is self described as “the darker side of a romantic world view and the sacrifices made to chase self-fulfillment”. As a former emo kid who has recently recently returned to bad habits, this track is a great representation of my anxiety and current state of mind. Upbeat, jivey keys that get you dancing and leaves a smile with some badass, darker lyrics that keep it real and leave you just a touch antsy.

FINALLY WE GET TO “FIGHT”, THE SONG THAT I CAN’T STOP HUMMING TO. It’s so magical and sensual, I can see this track closing out a Twin Peaks Season 3 episode. David Lynch, if you’re reading this, I have your next featured artist.

With the final touch, “I Wanna Run Away” – about the only thing I have to say about this track is SAME! I can’t think of a sentiment I’ve repeated more over the last six months than expressing how much I want to run away to live in a cave on the beach, completely isolated. However, I’d make an exception for Juno Francis. They’re welcome in my hideout any day, as long as they bring the slinkin’ grooves.

Listen to the EP in full here! You’ll have it on repeat all weekend. I say that a lot, but you should know by now that I’m not writing about a song or an artist unless I truly believe you can jam the heck out to it.

Can’t get enough of Juno Francis? Tune into Indie Pong’s Instagram Live TOMORROW at 11am PST for an exclusive interview with Angelica and Jacob.

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