What I’m Digging: Australian Protest Punk (apparently)

First and foremost, shout out Javier for putting me onto these guys. Community vibes are the best vibes. Well, besides spooky vibes, but Halloween is done, so get over it you witchy witches.

In my opinion, nothing really says punk rock resistance than the cute and cuddly Quokka.

What Is a Quokka? 15 Facts About the "Happiest" Creature on Earth

Not only is the Quokka the only member of its genus, Setonix, (fight the establishment), but it’s also nocturnal. As my mom always used to say, “Nothing good happens after 2am”. The Quokka firmly disagrees, because to the Quokka good is bad, and bad is real real good.

-The Quokka

So, you guys can all imagine my excitement when I found out that there is a band in Australia named Last Quokka that churned out an anti-nationalist, anti-colonialist, anti-racist album entitled “Unconscious Drivers” that friggin rips.  I’m hearing a lot of IDLES’ album “Joy as an Act of Resistance.” when I listen to this album. Maybe just a bit higher register, but definitely the same aesthetic when it comes to energy and message. Each song builds until I’m all juiced up and want to go out into the street and fight… for equity and reform.

I’m going to go through a few songs that I think are pretty badass in this album. I will be reviewing in order of which songs that I liked the most.

Colony: So, let’s start off by talking about my favorite song on this album by far, “Colony”. I shit you not, I was listening to this song while driving back from work last week. When the breakdown hit at the 1:30 mark, I let out an epic war cry. A family next to me was visibly shook. Family, if you’re reading this, I’m okay.

It’s no secret in the Indie Pong community that I love angsty aggressive breakdowns. This one is by far the most aggressive leaning that I’ve written about. I will run through a brick wall to this breakdown and come out the other side ready to fight. Tasting notes: fire fights, c4, and glass shards.

Punks in the Palace: Oh lord, we have ourselves a driving baseline to open up. Gimme that shit, mash it up, fry it up and serve it over rice. Poppa’s ready to eat that up. Nom nom nom. The push and pull in this song make me feel something. It settles me down and tells me, “Everything is going to be alright”, just to hit me over the head with a brick. I’m getting shades of Diarrhea Planet on this one (DEEP CUT ALERT).

Privilege: I know a cousin who definitely needs to hear this song, TALKING TO YOU JIM. Putting buddy on blast. We’ve got another driving baseline. We are going to find that as a theme on this album. These guys hate right wing politics, but damnit do they love the uniformity of a bassline walking us through the song. I really like how the singer approaches this song. It really feels like he’s some scummy asshat standing on a soapbox of white privilege and bad intentions.

Honorable mentions: Saints, and Wake up Geoff.

I could continue to go on, but unfortunately for you I will not. Listen to the album and fight the man. Bye bye.

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