Listening Party – “Off the Dial” by Native Sun

Happy Friday. It’s hot as all hell out here in the Midwest. I am slowly baking, and every room I enter carries my stench for a good two hours after the fact. Fortunately, it’s the style now with the kids on Tik Tok, so don’t ask any stupid questions.

Now that we have that out of the way, I thought it would be a good idea to give us something nice and chill. Something to keep us relaxed and carefree. Fun and flirty vibes only this summer. If you’re bringing any negative energy, then you have to go home. You can’t hang out with us.

I dip my toes in my ice cold kiddy pool and sit back with my shirt off. Ah, the life. We are calm, we are chill, we are relaxed at all times. Nothing can turn this mood around.


I don’t give a rats ass how sweaty this song makes me in the hellscape that is Chicago’s current 100% humidity heat spell. Start me out with some agro-punk then seamlessly segue into a stoner metal break down. This makes me so F**KING angry but, like, in a productive way. I punch through the wall, but later I turn that in to a tasteful breakfast nook.

Can we really talk about the transition to the stoner metal though. Everything cuts out and then the bassist is just like “Don’t worry boysh I got it from here”. It works so perfectly and is timed really really well. It sucks me in and then punches me in the gut when we bring in screaming solos and punishing snare and kicks. I’m feeling slightly bad for the drum heads because they were obliterated on this break down.

I just found out about Native Sun while perusing new releases from Grand Jury records. So, like any good educator, I decided to do a little research. Native Sun ask the question, “What is more American than a band of immigrants?” Their goal is retelling the sound of white America (stolen from the mouths and souls of black America) through the context of their (mostly) brown voices. That’s pretty rad if you ask me. The anti-gentrification of music through an active reimagining of the white story that we all are bombarded with constantly. Keep fighting the good fight, and if y’all wanna make some aggressive music for me while fighting, I won’t stop you.

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