Cry With Me: Thanks For Coming’s “almost named this album “untouched”…”

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Thanks For Coming

Please join me for a good introspective listen and subsequent cathartic cry with Thanks For Coming’s mouthful of a title almost named this album “untouched” in reference to not editing the cover photo and also having an unrequited crush on a stranger but then i remembered we’re all social isolating right now and it’s a little too on the nose even for me. Yeah seriously that’s the name, in all honesty I don’t even think I’ve read the whole thing through yet.

But I HAVE listened to the album all the way through a good ten times, and I’m obsessed.

I’ve basically had this album on exclusive repeat for weeks, just staring longingly out my window at the world that once was. My window happens to have bars on it, so it feels a lot like this:

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Anyways allow me to dive right in, this track is my favorite and is currently featured as my leadoff track on the Indie Pong weekly playlist:

“Why can’t you relax, why can’t you set your shoulders back, why can’t you act like you’re okay, with being all alone…” – This got me right away, especially in regard to the quarantine. This feels true for everyone: creatives who always wanted this time and now are stressed out about utilizing it, workaholics who always wanted to work from home but now can’t seem to get comfortable working from the couch in sweatpants, and the rest of us non-essentials who now finally have an excuse to take it easy but can’t help feeling like the time would be better used say finally writing your novel or learning a new skill. This song speaks to me on that level.

Let’s dig into this opening track that’s contrast of anxious monologue over angelic, almost church hymn harmonies immediately sets the tone for the album like an arsonist lighting a match in a yoga studio.

It’s an album album, I highly recommend listening to the whole thing through from start to finish.

Now here’s the craziest part, Thanks For Coming has like ONE MILLION ALBUMS:

There are like 50 albums on there, very intimidating, but in my early dives into the archives I am loving all of it.

This album reminded me of one of my favorite songs, people used to love when I would slide this in at parties in between songs on The Game’s Documentary:

One of my faves.

Anyways Thanks For Coming’s album is fantastic and how about these shirts? Almost don’t want to advertise because I just bought one myself but I can’t help myself:

thanks! t-shirt main photo