Shoes by Jonah Yano and how my friends don’t respect me

So this song is absolutely gorgeous. At least I think, it’s half in Japanese (kind of like me) and I only speak a little Japanese but it sounds pretty gorg to me.

You’ll get the whole story from watching the video, but the summary is that Jonah Yano went to Japan to see his father for the first time in 15 years, and upon doing so recovered and revived a song that his dad’s band made in the 80s and made it into this song. A beautiful story and a beautiful video.

One of my core philosophies behind the blog is that music is meant to be shared, so when I saw this video I thought it was so beautiful that I decided I would share it with some of my film school friends in a group chat. My friend Austin saw it as an opportunity to one up me and immediately responded with a link to the marginally more danceable ‘Time To Dance’ by The Shoes, get it, because they both have ‘shoes’ in them. It proceeded to get more likes in the group.


Who cares right? Just some friends messing around. Most music nerds get a little bit of socially unacceptable DJ envy when a good song is thrown into the mix. So who cares? Well this morning Austin lights me up bright an early with a link to ‘Shoes’ by Jonah Yano with his summary of the video which went as follows:

So basically Austin lit a bag of dogshit on fire and threw it right in my face. This is insult to injury like I’ve never seen before except for maybe a few times. He might as well have facetime’d me from a party I wasn’t invited to with my entire immediate family and Jonah himself and told me to go kick rocks.

Also right after Austin tried to out-song me he almost immediately proceeded to shift the conversation onto his new puppy, which I obviously can’t compete with.

Anyways the moral of this story is you can’t trust anyone and probably no one listens to those links you sent.

What do you think- reasonable or rude af? Catch Shoes and other new tracks on our Spotify Playlist that updates weekly (ish) and on our socials.

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