Metal in the Morning – Greg Puciato’s “A Pair of Questions”

Welcome to my brand new weekly column that will feature a song from a variety of bands/artists in and around the metal scene. Admittedly, the first track out of the gate isn’t particularly “metal” but I suspect many fans of the genre will know and respect this artist. Plus, this is just a damn good song and I find it really relaxing.

Greg Puciato is one of my favorite artists working today. Beyond singing and writing music, he runs the music label, Federal Prisoner, and recently he released a book of his poetry and photos, which I highly recommend checking out. He continues to surprise with his latest single that will be part of his new solo album, “Child Soldier: Creator of God”, coming out October 23rd. You may be familiar with his voice as he handled vocals on every album The Dillinger Escape Plan released since “Miss Machine”. He was a big part of what I loved about them and since The Dillinger Escape Plan parted ways in 2016, Greg has been very active on other projects. I’m a huge fan of his Synthwave band, The Black Queen, which have released two albums to date and Greg’s upcoming solo album appears to mesh songs in the vein of all the groups he has been a part of to date. The new single, “A Pair of Questions”, might be my favorite of the five singles thus far released.

Check out the music video for “A Pair of Questions” here:

If you want to hear one of his heavier tracks on the album, check out the video for “Fire For Water”:

If you enjoyed both singles, check out the other three on the Federal Prisoner channel and stay tuned for the full album drop in October.

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