Less Than 1,000 Followers 2021

January 16, 2021

Hi, two whole weeks into 2021 and we have great releases by unknown but hot bands that I want to share with you next 10 tracks released yesterday… Are you ready to rock???

1.- Guerilla State Never Take Me

2.- Panem The Empty Man

3.- Jane Allison Magdalene

4 Bertie Newman Lost

5.- RUIZ! Please Baby Please

6.- LearningToDive Rainbow Fall

7.- The Farrago Hat Lips

8.- Chang Tempting

9.-Pushpin Folds

10.- Lombardy Don’t Wanna See You Round Here

This is the Spotify Playlist that is updated constantly with the best unkonwn bands that I can find. Right now around 500 tracks added December 2020 to these days. 

Enjoy it and stay tuned and keep safe and sound!!!

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