I never said I was doing Dry February, but ok

“Mates then took a sip of his kombucha, because he chose the shortest month of the year to take a dry month. Good for you Mates! I believe in you.

Daw wrote this in his recent article about Freddie Gibbs/School Boy Q’s new banger Gang Signs (video is also a banger):

But I never said I was doing this. I said I was taking a little drinking break and even went as far as to say probably not for the whole month, but unhinged Daw wrote it anyway, and he basically wrote it into existence because after he did I started getting texts like this:

So like, I guess I have to do it now. Great. Awesome. Can’t wait.

Thanks Daw!!!!!

Well while I’m here, here are the new songs I have on repeat, all of which except the Serena Isioma one from last year are on the Indie Pong official playlist:

I thought this was new because it got released on the album last month but just realized it’s not- worst music blogger of all time

Don’t forget to follow the playlist for weekly/monthly updates:

P.S. I didn’t realize this but Dry February is actually a thing to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society so that’s why I’m doing it and not because of Daw, here’s the website if you want to support:


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