9 EP’s New Music Friday

Once again New Music Friday brings 9 EP’s worth to listen

1 Lorette Meets The Obsolete Re-Facto from Guadalajara México pure psychedelic rock 4 tracks (2 new and 2 remixed original part of the album De Facto form last yea) 20 minutes one (if not) the most important band nowadays from my country talking about psychedelia



2 Beach Riot / Gaffa Tape Sandy Tour Mix Tape UK Fuzz Pop /Indie Rock 5 really fun tracks with an excellent vibe I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it!!!



3 Muncie Girls B – Sides the Point UK Punk Rock After 2018 album Fixed Ideals here 6 tracks from the same time that didn’t get into that album (that until today isn’t at Spotify yet, hope someday)



4 The Snuts Mixtap EP UK Alternative / indie rock 9 tracks for an EP? Well 4 are interluds this left only 5 tracks and you’re going to have a good 17 minutes with this one.



5 Belmont Reflections Chicago Pop Punk 6 tracks (and three were out as singles) 19 minutes you should get satisfy with this work if you enjoy this genre.



6 The Golden Age of Tv The Golden Age of TV UK Alternative 4 tracks 13 minutes for their solid debut EP, love this pink hair girl voice and the sound of the band is pretty fresh.



7 Halflives Resilience France Alternative Pop Rock 5 tracks 16 minutes and first track Rockstar Everyday is getting quickly closer to the 1 million streams (maybe more pop than alterntavie but definitely enjoyable).



8 Horse Lordes The Common Task Baltimore coution here we’re getting into experimental territory if you feel like trying to listen something differente this one is for you I strongly suggest listen all the album/EP (five tracks but 41 minutes) but don’t miss the last track by far the one that I enjoy the most.



9 Dirt Woman The Glass Cliff Maryland doom metal / stoner doom caution one again but now for the metal thing, if you enjoy this genre this one is for you only 5 track but 56 minutes, debut album with tons of riffs to enjoy.



Remember that you can find tracks from this EP’s an more in this Playlist

Less Than 1,000 Followers https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7vuKIgXTCZbs24ecgzQNM9?si=N2PEwUNPQaiCnbYiez9IvA

Alterindie State Of Mind https://open.spotify.com/playlist/55m0cIJdVJn4vofAfbNMDC?si=OXHaoaSYQX66LpED1Ik1yg


Enjoy it and have fun this weekend!!!

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