Less Than 1,000 Followers

All this tracks were released yesterday as part of the #NewMusicFriday and you can find them all also in Playlist Fresh Singles (except the first one)

1 Madzen I Choose (Selfishness and Whatnot’s) Mexico City alternative / indie you surely don’t know nothing about this guitar player guy but I’ve been following through his career, only 25 years (almost) and a few bands behind he’s back as a one man band  under this new and cool moniker  (Madzen referes to the balance and harmony of being positive and negative coexisting at the same time) and yesterday unveil this track, his debut single and besides that I like the sound I’m hoping he gets his shit together and we have this track at Spotify and be part of this Playlist

2 Vanessa Silberman All The Kids New York USA I just can’t undersand that this is still here in this Playlist last year I love her single I Got a Reason and this new one is even better I hope you like it too and support her.

3 We Are Only Humans Ones West Salem Delaware USA alternative / beddroom pop this guy has been droping singles constantly and this one is good.

4 FEVER Electric England five piece indie rock only 3 singles released until now first one 6 months ago, I’m hoping this guys put an album together soon but maybe we still have to wait for this a few months. In fact I can’t find this track at Youtube so I pick the second single Money Love

5 The Vitrines Diamons in Her Eyes Southampto England alternative / indie rock only two guys but for now is perfectly clear that they don’t need more for this fierce sound. Just over 200 followers today #support

6  The Maybe Next Years Called Out Tempe Arizona USA Alternative Punk band with this song “about feelings of betreyal and being left behind by a friend” hard not to feel indentify this happens to all of us.

7 Bandit Desert Days Liverpool  Indie rock / Alternative I only can say that this mates ain’t going here for long 400 followers but they sound much better than that

8 Shadeemus Desert Days London a new band that yesterday present their debut single this Project originally composed by Scott Xylo and artista that I’ve been following the last couple of years he was part of this Playlist as a solo artista and now back with this new band with a great desert sound rock and a bit of psychedelia that you should love it!!!

9 BFA Perseverance Indie artis / post punk  / dark This guy also need your support a few singles in his back but by far I think this is his best work yet give him a listen and make your own opinion.

10 Jason Wilber If We Were Free USA This artista is more in the folk acoustic genre and this track is simply beautiful. #support

This is the whole Playlist getting closer once again to the 1K tracks

Less Than 1,000 Followers

Alterindie State Of Mind

Enjoy it and have fun this weekend remember to keep yourself save and sound!!!

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