Debut Track Of The Day

Today Sam Dielle a British 23 years old singer songwriter present his debut single a protest song…

This brings to my mind   Fernando Delgaillo (he’s a “trovador”) and in his song “De la canción de Protesta” (of the protest song)… in this track he talks more o less about that the singers need to talk out loud the problems that we’re living in.

Well Sam just did that, I asked about this debut track and this is his answer:

“I have just released my first solo track ‘Half a Cent’. I wrote this track about the under payment of artists by streaming services. Spotify pay artists less than $0.004 per stream (hence the title Half a Cent), and it motivated me to write a protest song against the sorry state of the modern music industry, and the daily struggles that independent artists go through on a daily basis. Musically, Half a Cent is a fierce Indie Rock song that combines acoustic elements with soaring electric guitars and a pounding electronic beat to create a catchy tune perfect to start a revolution to”

I hope not only you can enjoy this track but also support this artist streaming and sharing his work (for what its worth) that obviously you can fin in the Playlist Debut Bands (Of The Radar), also Fresh Singles, Less Than 1,000 Followers and Alterindie State Of Mind.

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