Top 50 Songs of 2020 (so far) – Ranked

Who’s bored? Here’s some jams.

I would normally list them from 50-1 for suspense… but meh whatever I’m putting it in order to go with the playlist (*non-precedential basis).

1. ‘Flight319’ – 070 Shake

Yeah I mean, just listen to it. Low key, it’s one of my pet peeves when people over-describe sounds on blogs. Love to all bloggers, but we can hear how buttery smooth these vocals/this production is for ourselves, so pls don’t overexplain. Then again, I can be guilty from time to time.

Anyways song of the year, not even that hard of a decision. Give number 2 some time (and possibly some free range roaming time AKA end of quarantine) and we’ll see.

2. ‘Comme Des Garçons (Like the Boys)’ – Rina Sawayama

Dude I wish I could link to the straight up obesssion blog I wrote about Rina Sawayama, but I got lazy and wrote half of it and never posted it. If I had a strict boss I would probably have posted it right when the album came out, but alas. Rina is a fellow J-woman (I’m not a woman but she’s a fellow J-person) and her album was so unbelievably good that I texted a friend who’s a diehard member of the Charli army Rina>Charli and he went tf off at me. Pretty wild, mildly racist (as I’m something of a J-man myself actually) but that’s how passionate I am about this straight up-don’t need verification- best pop album of the year. And I’m a huge Charli fan.

3. ‘Fog’ – Termination Dust

Let’s goooooo. Come on. If I could will one song to just blow tf up right now it would be this one. Come tf on. This is a voice. It mixes familiar sounds into a new blend that exudes an unfamiliar and totally original voice. This is gold and it deserves applause.

4. ‘Gaudí’ – Capicua

My goodness gracious, that wool bodysuit. Give me a break! So cool. Here’s a frame:

NSFW for… “YARN NUDITY?!?!?!?!?!” HAHAHAHAHA- just kidding, I already wrote this in an older article here. I also said the poignant words “This track by the Portugese rapper Capicua is an awesomely honest look at the feeling of getting bored with the repetition or everyday life, and how that uneasy feeling can be subsided with a little art and creativty. Lyrics here.

Basically the chorus is “paste some little sticks together and make a Gaudi”. Love this one to death.

5. ‘No Interruptions’ – Betty Mae

This is just too smooth. I had the pleasure of speaking with Betty who shared with me the scope of the things to come, and trust me, there are big things coming. Watch out for the EP coming out soon- Bitch I’ve Grown.

6. ‘After Hours’ – The Weeknd

I mean yeah this is just fire. I talked more about this one already and since this is INDIE Pong I’ll move along.

7. ‘Someone New’ – Caroline Rose

I quite frankly don’t understand how this is not the number one song in the country- this is a get up and jump up and down kind of song. This one is a ClassyCassie special, she’s just such an absolute force (both Caroline and ClassyCassie).

8. ‘Live Like We’re Dancing’ – Mura Masa, Georgia

Alright, I’m a guilty boy. I chose not to include this on the Indie Pong Weekly Playlist at the beginning of the year and it haunts me everyday. My initial critique was that it didn’t have an impactful enough drop at the chorus which has reverberated in my head all year as I’ve listened to this song on repeat for it’s absolutely gorgeous construction and timeless lyrics. Mura Masa really is a master and Georgia really is the next big thing.


These guys (and girl) are on their way to the moon. When Surf first came out the songs were for the most part <1000 listens, and they are growing FAST in listens. I truly bluely believe that these guys are the next big thing. I was fortunate enough to speak with them about their journey and the burgeoning pop/hip hop scene in Kansas City, and it was an absolute blast speaking with them. This song is perfect example of something they were telling me is a recurring motif for them, which is modern versions of songs you’d hear in 90s high school movies, this one as well.

Needless to say, we’re all in on BLACKSTARKIDS.

10. ‘Post-Dick Circle F*ck’ – Pet Shimmers

I think this is what my mom was talking about when she said that she likes a lot of the songs on the Indie Pong playlist until she sees what they’re called and/or the album art. Sorry mom, I’m a post-dick circle f*ck kind of guy I guess. This song has been a regular for me all year, a unique voice, unique sound, and unique bright spot by way of brooding wallow rock that has done it’s circle dick-est to stand out this year.

11. ‘Garden’ – GLEAN

My biggest question is whether or not someone from this band is from Evanston (where I’m from) because they have a song on their EP called Evanston. Regarding this song itself, I have no questions. It slays, I love it, I put it hard, life goes hard. Simple.

12. ‘Drifted Apart’ – Nafeesisboujee, Becca

This Nafeesisboujee track has that light and airy vibe that makes you feel like you’re flying, gliding, driving a boat at 200 mph, etc. Straight up vibes on this bedroom pop jam from the 16 (maybe 17 now) year old from South Africa.

13. ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’ – Christine and the Queens

I don’t usually do this because I love to respect the integrity of and admire the final cut of a track, but Christine so absolutely nails this live version that I thought I’d just go ahead and indulge myself. Really unbelievable track.

14. ‘The Sun Is Up Forever’ – Joesef

Yeah, this song is just about perfect. Big promise in this UK act, don’t be surprised to see a big jump sometime soon.

15. ‘Good News’ – Mac Miller


Rip Mac Miller - Off-Topic - 2K Gamer

I think my brother said it best that Mac cares so much about every little detail on his albums. When you listen to Swimming you can really tell that every note is where it is for a meticulous reason and that the soul-smiling orchestra of a result is no accident. R.I.P. Mac.

16. ‘I Go Out At Night’ – Ratboys

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute night person, so this one has some special relevance to me teehee. Also earning a soft spot from me for being Chicago natives, Ratboys are a perennial favorite of mine. It seems like every year they come back with another hitter without losing a step. My other two favorites are You’ve Changed and Elvis In The Freezer which is a top song of the decade for me.

17. ‘Colder & Closer’ – TOPS

The four piece band from Montreal released this absolute BANGER. TOPS stands for their names… (?)? I don’t know. But damn this song hits.

^Sorry I’m like the worst journalist ever. The song construction and production are absolutely stellar, don’t feel like there’s too much I need to see here when it hits it hits! And you know what they say, behind ever great journalist is a great… song… (?)?… nevermind.

18. ‘Cry’ – San Mei

Australian artist San Mei presents dream pop at its best here on Cry, easily the best dream pop song of the year so far. But San Mei isn’t just a dream pop artist, she brings a fresh voice to the table and makes tracks that absolutely slap.

19. ‘forces’ – D. Femi

This dude is from Grand Rapids (I think? It’s impossible to find anything on this guy, even for a Chet Gecko music blog detective like myself) and released this heater reminiscent of the rap days of our childhood, those easy going but hard hitting mixtape days where having a mixtape on the internet made you famous. Excited to see where this dude’s career goes, love this track.,

20. ‘Unavailable’ – Joey LaBeija

I haven’t been doing this but I’m going to throw the album cover up on here, because it’s so fire:

Joey LaBeija's New EP, "enemies of progress," Is a Soundscape of ...

Haunting, just love it. This song is amazing. I think it’s an a testament to this song’s slapitude that it’s got a straight music nerd like me singing that “I love men, that are unavailable” on the daily. And damn just listen to that production, this is one of those special tracks for sure.

21. ‘Visions’ – Charli XCX

Daaaaaaaaamn Charli! I’m going to do a separate post about this album (because it’s amazing and the pop AOTY and very likely AOTY in general) so I’ll keep this brief, but I listened to this whole album and then when the hardstyle part hit at the very end (this is the last track on the album) it shaped the whole thing for me, and I proceeded to listen to it 5 more times that day (the whole album). In love with this one.

22. ‘Transcendental Access Point’ – Eris Drew

This song basically describes an entire feeling that comes over me from time to time, that good time groovy elated feeling you get on vacation. Love this track, love dancing to it even more.

23. ‘Alive’ – Hanni El Khatib

This song is sick, love the vid too. Killer track from the California native.

24. ‘Air It Out’ – Josh Dominguez

Mad laid back vibes on the chillest song of the year. Covered it in a little more detail here. If you’re having a green quarantine this one’s for you. One love.

25. ‘Jerry Can’ – Milo Gore

I get some real reinvigorated best of 2000s indie from Milo Gore, and I love it.

26. ‘Gospel For A New Century’ – Yves Tumor

This song is like turning into a werewolf and walking through a busy town square in colonial age Massachusetts and being scrutinized by the uppity townspeople.

Also, sweet ass video.


This song’s that feel after a long night out when you’re struttin’ around the empty streets of downtown walking to Subway (the restaurant) and feelin’ yourself and some dude walks by you and you’re ready to kick his ass if he so much as coughs.

Explosion GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

28. ‘Bad Friend’ – Rina Sawayama

I’m a great friend so I can’t relate to this song, ask anyone I’m such a great friend. Damn it slaps, I just wish I could relate to it more because I’m such a great friend everyone always says it.

29. ‘Direction’ – Cody Currie, Joel Holmes

Fire house track, Toy Tonics is so hot right now. Also, best logo in the electronic music scene?

30. ‘B Cool Janet’ – Cheap Synths

Cheap Synths blowing up! Pretty sure they just did an Apple ad. This song is easily one of the biggest bangers of the year, total standout. In fact the whole album is full of straight bops.

They also make great videos, be sure to look out for some “special guests” in this one ;).

31. ‘Dance For Me’ – Superjava

Daaaaaaaaaaannncccceeee for meeeeeeeeeee. Straight up dance banger. I will dance for Superjava.

32. ’24 Hours’ – Georgia

Yeah Georgia’s the new queen, get ready to bow down she’s going straight to the top- I’m talking Sia level. You heard it here fi- probably not first she’s already blowing up but yeah you heard it here fam.

33. ‘Maura’ – Wednesday

This is pretty much the best album of the year in my opinion. I wrote about it AT LENGTH already so you can read about it here. But this straight killer track, which Wednesday crushed in their live Instagram show (after me and a few other people requested it over and over again teehee), is only one piece of an unparalleled fresh new indie album with decade long lasting power.

34. ‘Don’t Sleep’ – Alice Ivy, BOI, imbi the girl

This song goes hard af, a great example of the meme ClassyCassie posted:

Why Yes I Do - Memebase - Funny Memes

This is sort of an Australia pong dream collab (link Australia pong article) between Alice Ivy (link) and imbi the girl (link), in addition to BOI who kills it, and it does not disappoint.

Also, the dance in this video is tight af, Jen, Cassie, and I might have to learn this on the next video podcast.

35. ‘Best Interest’ – Tyler The Creator

Damn I’m realizing now that got released in YouTube in 2019, but the official release was in 2020 so leave me alone haters.

Thats My Story GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

You guys should check out my Grammys article where I talk about Tyler’s win and how it was the highlight of the night, also because it took me like twenty minutes to make this gif for it:

Are people using this gif? Is that how the internet works, you just make a gif and people start using it? Hopefully it’s doing some good out there in the world, my little gif.

36. ‘Resurrection’ – Tanya Morgan

This one is a Jenhearts 247 special, “a test of knowledge when you ask about Tanya, they not a real fan if they say, YEAH I KNOW HER.”

37. ‘the first one’ – Caro, James Droll

When this bass drops it’s just crazy. I’m a sucker for these relationship/breakup duets, but this one especially ascends.

38. ‘First Grade’ – Max Leon

Yeah just sit back and enjoy this one. What a cathartic pop listen, just let your problems get lost in that smooth smooth voice.

In First Grade my teacher used to play guitar for the class, THAT’S how you build an audience. I’m sitting there wanting to listen to Kraftwerk and Ryuichi Sakamoto and Ms. Hiller made me listen to her cover “The Magic Schoolbus” or whatever tf was going on- what was I going to walk out? And lose stickers? Forced engagement.

39. ‘lay low’ – LHĒON

I love this song. This song makes me feel like I’m in the first half of the third act of a commercially attractive drama where the character is doing all of the things she/he used to do with significant other alone now, and its not the same, and presumably realizes that maybe the flaws weren’t that bad, and that he/she has flaws as well. Hope it works out for them in this hypothetical situation (spoiler: it does).

40. ‘anthem for a washed up 90s sitcom actor (or someone with the flu)’ – thanks for coming

I covered this album in depth here (one of my favorites of the year), but this song could easily be retitled ‘anthem for Mates sitting at home during the quarantine and wondering why he isn’t getting more creative endeavors done since he finally has the free time he finally asked for also why aren’t you having more fun Mates also is playing MVP 05 on Gamecube really a good use of your time also do you really need another bagel?

41. ‘Bye Bye Summer’ – Aseul

These synths get me every time, this is not only a buttery smooth dreamy pop ballad, it’s also just a driving force on an awesome all around album that I highly recommend. Korea’s Aseul has really delivered so far this year, and we’re excited to see what she does next.

42. ‘Take Me Back’ – Lola Scott

Straight hitter, so much talent.

43. ‘Story’ – Magdalena Bay

Miami natives making bangers.

44. ‘For Old Times Sake’ – Vaughan Supple, Jenny J

This EP is incredible. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Vaughan so there will be a more detailed rundown of this EP, but the plain and simple is that it’s 50s inspired (as you can hear) and that it’s a bold and articulate statement on growing up and conformity. Take a listen for yourself, it’s great.

45. ‘DAMAGE SUPPRESSOR’ – Black Dresses

This should come as no surprise, as everyone who knows me knows that Black Dresses are pretty much my favorite band of the past two years. I bought a shirt, which you can see me rocking in our new video podcast/quarantine drinking game which hasn’t even been BLOGGED about yet, just uploaded it an hour ago.

Anyways, Love And Affection For Stupid Little Bitches is one of the best albums of last year easy, and Black Dresses always pushes the envelope with a completely unique blend of brash and emotionally soul-bearing noise that hits your heart from all sides every time you listen.

46. ‘Garden Party’ – Roman Flügel

When my friend Christian first introduced me to Roman Flugel, I never thought I’d get something this just straight up juicy. All of Roman’s stuff is awesome, ranging from more on the housey side to more on the intellectual dance music side. This one is a straight up party starter, love every second of it.

47. ‘I Just Want To Look At You’ – Eilish Gilligan

I love Eilish and The Pull is one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve ever heard, so I was stoked to hear this one. Seriously think she can do no wrong.

48. ‘Cortex’ – Aunty Social

This song just feels new. Totally innovative and different. And when she hits that one part, clear my schedule.

49. ‘Morceaux de toi’ – Malory, Yseult

I recently went for a long drive along the water, and I literally couldn’t listen to anything but this. Possibly the best driving song of all time, definitely of the year.

50. ‘Eyes Of My Mind’ – Axel Boman

Well, let’s just disregard for a second that Axel and Kornell Kovacs throw the best party on earth. And let’s just disregard that Axel’s ABBA 002 (or whatever the official title is) is very possibly my favorite house track of all time. Let’s just focus on this song, and what a beauty it is.

Thanks for joining us, it’s been a great year so far and can’t wait to hear what’s to come! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for weekly updates of the best new tunes!

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